Are you ready to make 2020 the year to elevate your energy, leadership + team culture by becoming a CERTIFIED COACH?

Unlock Your Feminine Leadership Purpose + Potential. Elevate Your Teams Energy + Success. Change The Way Your Organisation Leads.  Wake Up Happy, Healthy + Inspired To Lead Well Everyday. Doing What You Love - No Apologies! 

Have you always dreamed of leading & making a positive difference in the world & lives of others .. while also having the time & energy to do the things you love & take care of your own self care & wellness. Knowing with unlimited energy you can elevate the motivation, engagement, connection & success of everyone around you at work, in your family & community? 

Though you wake up everyday exhausted, frustrated by your forever growing to-do list & never ending work, client & team stresses. Feeling worried & overwhelmed by the excess pressure & mental health concerns of your team as they are constantly required to do more with less & most days as you try to juggle your own work & life you're actually not even sure where to start ..  

Well then welcome my friend to the world of coaching & leading with wellness & SOUL. As together we Elevate Your Leadership in 2020 by 


Within this training you will be given the place and space where you get to finally fully express & awaken the empowered natural born leader you were born to be. Today you are being invited to join a very unique supportive community of global leaders & coaches, leading, living & loving successfully with unlimited energy, heart & soul. 

Along this adventure together we will have you discovering new & elevated ways to coach & lead success within your workplace. Having you wake up happy, filled with passion & deeply in love with your work & life again. Inspired to LEAD YOUR TEAM into their unique creative greatness with a proven step by step coaching methodology, in-house Cultures of Wellness program & clearly defined daily actions & accountabilities that will SAVE YOU TIME and MONEY. As you discover how to successfully prioritise, plan & support yourself & then your team, to excel in your roles & live a more integrated, connected, empowered & purpose driven life ... no excuses!

With a global community of over 700 heart and soul-centered coaches, leaders and facilitators, you will finally enjoy feeling like you can be your most authentic feminine and creative self (without needing to be perfect) as you lead at work. Here your "life and leadership experiences and story" become the fuel for your teams transformation and in-house coaching and wellness offerings and initiatives. 

Within this 6month coaching certification and wellness facilitation training, which completes with an amazing 5 Day "reTREAT Yourself Leadership" adventure, you will discover powerful methods to support you to make a positive impact and contribution within your organisation and your own life, family and local community. 

You will be provided with practical daily solutions, methods and three complete coaching programs to support your team (and yourself) to make meaningful transformation and change. Having staff walk away from each coaching session, meeting and interaction feeling valued, and more empowered, motivated, and connected to each other, with a deep sense of grateful for their roles and your leadership. Inspired with confidence to take action everyday as they ignite their potential and fulfil careers and passion project dreams. While elevating your companies profitability, productivity, and peak performance through high performance productivity solutions, self care, energy managment, mindset, moods, health and an in-house culture of wellness. 

And YES with a ROI of between $3-5 for every $1 invested this coaching certification and wellness program offering will SAVE YOU, and your team, TIME and MONEY, providing greater opportunities for innovation, community "giving" back and a WORK LIFE integration which actually happens.  

Your greatest adventure & purposeFULL Leadership Elevation opportunity awaits! Are you ready ... ??

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Whatever the reason you have ended up here today, I believe it wasn't simply by chance. Reconnecting with your feminine intuitive, creative & soulful leader & coach is a deep calling from within (& no this NEW way of leadership isn't only for women).

Like a curious awakening of who you were born to be. There is often a desire to know more, and a feeling of coming home. Inside, there is a big, bold, passionate yearning to lovingly transform the lives of others, and offer a leadership which goes beyond focusing on profit, pushing, over giving and burnout, and inspires a deep feeling of content empowerment. The challenge we are faced with in our current world is that most leadership training and coaching certifications teach us the MASCULINE ways of leading, and yet inside of each of us is the need for finding BALANCE in the way we learn, lead, love and support our teams. 

And no doubt for years, or your whole life, you have been the leader, and colleague, everyone naturally goes to for advice. You're always caring and giving to others, and you're finally ready to take your leadership style to the next level of empowerment. Maybe you've been seeking more depth, clarity and empowerment for your staff. More opportunities to go deeper with 1:1 coaching and team wellness initiatives, igniting each day with less head stress and more heart flow, knowing all of this leads to greater financial success and client satisfaction.

Soul Coaching® & Cultures of Wellness Leadership supports you with all this & more. Providing tools to have your team awaken their truest purpose & potential, while discovering how to live a more fulfilling life.

Our coaching models go beyond the boundaries of ordinary life coaching and many leadership trainings which focus on the attainment of head "outward success" based goals. This training is not therapy and not your typical life or executive coaching. Soul Coaching® is a guided inward journey providing you wiith the tools to tap into your deepest potential as a leader. It allows you, and then your team, to ignite empowered self-led leadership from within, recentering the integration of life and work around clear a personal mission and purpose. 

It awakens your unique strengths, values, beliefs and fears as a leader and aligns your professional and personal goals with a passion filled lifestyle. Once we're tapped into these, life truly ignites in our favour and limitless energy, optimism, confidence and magnetic synchronicity and happiness kicks in. 

This coaching focuses on principles of deep connection with our own inner nature, leader and wisdom. Here we can remember and acknowledge the individualisation of yourself and your team and that life on this earth is a gift, and you were born with a specific liberated leadership style we need to reignite.

Our Coaching Certification and Wellness Program empowers you with a vast variety of coaching methods, processes and many powerful team workshops. You will be showns ways to facilitate this 1:1 with your team or in a group. These methods work effectively in person, and also with remote team members.  

Even if you have not done or experienced coaching personally or professionally before, you will STILL have what it takes to be an amazing coach! The only criteria is that you are a leader, or rising star in your career, with huge leadership potential and are recognised for your kindness, compassion and open minded curiosity. The rest is something we will train you through experience. Having you walk away as a Certified Coach and with the processes and materials to use when you get back into the office, and your own life.  

Our trademarked system is highly effective, and yet it gives you as a leadership and coach a large variety of modalities in which you can adapt and tailor to increase relevance, engagement and trust working with your team, and helping them achieve their desired results in career, relationships and life. 

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Kyla is an International Master Soul Coach, Confidence Coach, and Elevate Your Resilience, Mood and Mindset Trainer, Facilitator. She is an expert of 'Pressing Play on Manifesting Your Greatest Leadership Career, Culture, and Life.'

Since leaving a successfu investment banking career in 2010 Kyla has worked with thousands of students and workshop-participants, within schools, universities, Governments and Fortune 500 corporates clients such as Apple Inc, Canon; Disney, Volkswagen, Blackmores. Plus hundreds of I-on-I leaders and coaching clients around the globe, supporting them to be kinder and more loving to themselves. Igniting the manifestation of dream careers, teams, cultures of wellness, lives and relationships; by confidently becoming the greatest leadership version of themselves.

Her mission as your teacher is to help you discover how to rise in love with yourself and others, how to wake up happy and energized, and to help uncover your unique leadership creative spark and purpose. Then together you will transform all of this into actionable and successful long-lasting results as a successful Coach and leader of positive impact. In your own expression, voice and unique way only you were born to bring to the world and your organisation.


"The refreshing clarity that came to me from working with a soul coach was a sensational experience. I started to take time and feel genuine joy and happiness. All of the old negative thoughts of people or experiences I was carrying around have dissolved away and I feel a complete sense of freedom. There are not many people you say were born to do what they do but Kyla was."  


"Kyla has a contagious positive energy. She is vivacious, warm, encouraging and compassionate. I seeked out her Soul Coaching just before I made a huge transition in my life and she helped me regain my power, faith and control of my life. Using all the many tools from talk therapy, crystals, and guided meditation regression, she helped me let go of pain and suffering I had held onto for years." 


"Soul Coaching® has been a beautiful and transformative experience. The journey allowed me to understand myself better and identify ways to move myself towards greater inner and outer happiness and awareness. This journey gives you a refreshed perspective on your life, purpose and being. It is a beautiful experience that everyone owes themselves. Thank you."



Our coaching methodolgy offers a pathway which allows you, and your team, to uncover your unique potential, sabotaging blocks and strengths. It is a proven methodology designed for anyone seeking phenomenal spiritual, mental, emotional and physical awakening, cleansing, renewal and transformation.  

- It's a system that aligns one's inner values, life and dreams with their outer career and purppse - - It's a way to flush out the mental and emotional clutter that holds us back from stepping into our greatest career success - - It allows us to listen to what's inside so we can discover who we are truly meant to be -  

  Having your team ask themselves, "what does true success in their role and lives look like right now?"  

Day to day we are often met with thoughts of stress, uncertainty, conflict, confusion, overwhelm, doubt or maybe they just can't think of an answer. But that's OK, this is the exact question I asked myself over a decade ago looking out from my investment banking office at the Sydney Opera House and wondering .. "is this really the life I was born to lead" and now the gift we can offer yourself, and your team, knowing that ... 

coaching and asking great questions ignites a deep rememering of our purpose, and who we were born to be.

The process we take coachee's through reminds them that all the answers, to all of lifes greatest questions, are already inside of them. As a Certified Soul Coach and Cultures of Wellness Leader you will know exactly how to guide your team to find the answers. To unlock stresses and beliefs which have been holding them back. Allowing clarity to rise, and their truest desires and dreams to become clear so that they can easily create the roadmap and as a team you wil reach brand new heights. Taking the steps with certainty, freedom, faith and trust in self, and each other.


Denise Linn is the founder of the International Institute of Soul Coaching® and has been called "America's best-kept secret." For the last three and a half decades she has pioneered the Coaching industry traveling to the far corners of the world speaking to standing-room only audiences of thousands. Her spiritual journey began as a teenager when she had a near-death experience after being shot by an unknown gunman. The revelations she received on the "other side" and the subsequent amazing healing of her wounds led Denise to eventually become an internationally respected healer, writer, teacher, leader and creator of Soul Coaching®.

Distilling the information and wisdom she gained from indigenous cultures around the planet— the aborigines of Australia, the Zulu in Africa, the Maori of New Zealand (where she was given the title of tohunga), as well as from her own Native American roots, she designed and created this sacred SOUL infused coaching modality based on all these proven transformational methodologies.  

She trains and allows only the most qualified and talented coaches to share her work in the world. Since discovering this work Kyla has dedicated her work, leadership and life everyday to embodying the pricinpals of Soul Coaching®, designing new and creative ways to share this work within the mainstream and corporate world. She is one of only three trainers gloablly to have studied and completed the pre-requisitise of 4 levels of certification trainings to become an Advanced Master Soul Coaching Trainer.  

 "Working with a Soul Coach™ can transform your life forever. In addition to having the skills of a life coach, a Soul Coach™ goes a step further and guides you to embark on a spiritual sojourn into the depths of your soul to discover the truth about yourself and your life. When you do this your energy increases and your entire life vibrates with life force energy and vitality. In addition to being compassionate and wise human beings, these remarkable individuals are some of the finest coaches in the world."  

Denise Linn Founder, Soul Coaching® International Institute  

(Picture: Kyla Tustin & Denise Linn)  


The ICF Global Coaching Client Study found that after engaging in coaching 86% of companies made back at least their investment. Of those...

28% saw an ROI of 10 to 49 times the investment.

70% of clients reported that coaching provided a positive improvement in work performance.

19% saw an ROI of 50 times their investment.

Next Soul Coaching® Practioner Certification + Culture of Wellness Leadership Training Sydney, Australia | commences February 2o2o


Further luxurious reTREAT location details are only provided to those who are offered a position in our intimate certification adventure of a lifetime. FYI its sure to be delicous, divine, reignite your passion for leading as we fill up all your senses, and totally reCHARGE every area of your career and life. Some participants have called it "the GREATEST holiday ever" and " the most wonderful heart filling, soul centred discovery experience of their life!" and yes you also walk away a Coach and Wellness Facilitator.  


Within this Certification training you will discover brand new ways to hold an authentic, honest, accepting & compassionate space for your team to succeed. You will ignite a brand new natural born leader & coach from the inside, out. 

As leaders, we are born knowing inside, beyond the stresses and everyday distractions and overwhelme our team are naturally intuitive and resourceful, and we understand that each already has all the answers he or she needs to be successful. It is our job to create a safe nurturing space for them as individuals to discover their knowledge, strengths, values and remind them of what it means to listen with their heart. You will be trained in a specific coaching processes that creates a safe space for people to feel heard, to create personal wellness plans they actually stick too and to step into their own unique potential in their roles.

 Our graduates have the opportunity to become some of the highest paid, most sought after coaches and leaders in the industry. Provided with the skills and tools to take this work into your corporation and teach others empowered accountability. You may also choose to take up the offer of ongoing comprehensive business coaching and access to expert support from global leaders. Allowing you to continue to successfully launch your leadership coaching and wellness initiatives across all levels of your organisation. 

To support your team with coaching you will discover unqiue ways too .. 


Clear their MIND and get focused on who they want to BE and the key areas of focused transformation that will radically change their life.


Breaking through fears and EMOTIONAL limitations to empower, motivate and inspire their days, authentically connecting with self and others.


Wake up with PHYSICAL energy, vitality and the accountability to stay committed daily and seeing real results


Tapping into the infinite wisdom, courage, passion & self beilef of who they were born to be. Ready to covercome any challenges.


Release, reset and redefine beliefs and behaviours which are sabotaging true intimacy, love and connection as a team.


Step outside their career comfort zone and into new levels of success, confidence, abundance and attraction.

This training will teach you unique systems, skill sets, methods and programs. Plus everything else needed to become a successful leader, as a coach. 

Our certification program is a 6month training, completing with a 5 day "reTREAT Yourself Coaching and Leadership" immersion with 200+ hours of training. Guiding you through our many programs, and corporte trainings and how to use our various coaching methods, strategies and tools.  

Our 240 page leadership manual is just one part of your training materials, along with a USB stick including all four of the different 28 days programs. It also contains many audio files, created by Denise Linn for you to use with your teams during your work with them. You also will have access to even more materials in our professional cloud service, and membership site supporting you step by step when you return to work. 

There are a number of wellness and leadership empowerment workshops that you will have the guide book for holding with groups, which can then lead to one on one clients.  

Attached is a downloadable list of some of the life-changing, powerful processes and techniques you will be learning and gain access too.


"Becoming a certified soul coach through Kyla has been such an enjoyable and life-changing experience. Kyla creates a supportive and collaborative ongoing business support network as well which helped me get established and develop my leadership coaching and business which has been an invaluable part of the training which I highly recommend."

I have found the community, led by Kyla, and the access to the tools and resources she provides to be transformational for me and instrumental to me establishing my mindset and soul coaching business and niche market. I moved quickly to establish my business after certification (in March ) and developed and ran my first workshop within two months of certification. 

 I feel I have found my calling -and it all started with Kyla’s (and Denise Linn’s founder of soul coaching) vision for this work).  

MELINDA BRODIE Mindset and Success Coach, LUMINATE LIFE 


You could be part of this MASSIVE opportunity to become certified in an industry and leadership transformation that keeps growing year after year. 

A survey by Manchester Inc. of 100 executives found that coaching provided an average return on investment of almost six times the cost of the coaching.  

Bersin& Associates, LLC Survey: "Our research shows that organizations that have a strong senior leader and cultural support of coaching have superior results. For example, organizations in which senior leaders “very frequently” coach had 21% higher business results. Further, organizations with “excellent” cultural support for coaching had 13% stronger business results and 39% stronger employee results."

  • A recent study of Coaching in a Fortune 500 firm by MetrixGlobal reported a 529% return on investment and significant intangible benefits to the business. 

This Coaching Certification and Wellness Training will help you (and train you to then help your team) gain the answers to questions around life, wellness, leading, career success daily decision making and elevate a deep level of self confidence and belief from within by clearing the clutter, noise and distractions of life and the mind and igniting a place within filled with complete clarity, awareness, truth and clear actions. 


If you're ready to become an even greater leader or have questions then book in a FREE Coach + Lead with Soul Strategy Session.

During this call we will identify if this Training is right for you and help you too .. 


Ignite your unique creative leadership potential as we journey inwards to help you gain clarity around your greatest gifts as coach and leader and next steps.


Discover how to awaken magnetically and manifest more time, energy, soul and purpose into your leadership career. While filling your life with greater levels fo abundance, purpose, passion & freedom.


Uncover the very best next step for you to make a positive impact and contribution within your role, as YOU, and start living it every day. Waking up feeling happy, content, confident and fulfilled.


Secure one of the limited seats in next Soul Coaching® Practioner Certification + Culture of Wellness Leadership Training Sydney, Australia | commences February 2o2o